About Us

We're a "home away from home" for students studying either at Victoria University or another tertiary institution in Wellington. The hall is a very supportive and friendly place, with academic success as the main focus.  It offers quiet places for study, facilities for comfortable living and lots of enjoyable social activities.

Mission statement:We have an accessible, collaborative, adaptable living and learning environment.

Vision statement: To be a diverse, responsive and inclusive community of residents.

There are currently 118 Residents living at the hall in a mixture of single and shared rooms during the Academic year (February to November). We cater for students from first year right through to post graduate and 20% are internationals from all parts of the globe. We also value our returners and do our best to accommodate residents who wish to return year after year.

There are 6 residents living at a flat on Campbell Street and 7 in a House in Marsden Ave which are self-catered.

The facilities are versatile and over the summer the hall provides self-catered accommodation at great rates to residents studying throughout Trimester 3 or just staying in Wellington.

HLH is a great environment for making friends with a diverse group. It's a friendly, relaxed place where students can work to achieve their academic goals.


Charlotte and Mike 2018

Helen Lowry is a family run Hall with the Heads of Hall, Charlotte and Michael Hoare, living on site with their 3 teenagers and fur babies.   Their primary responsibility is for the welfare of the residents and for maintaining an environment that is conducive to successful study and a balanced lifestyle.  Charlotte is the primary Head of Hall with Michael backing up and supporting where needed as he works full-time elsewhere throughout the week.

Zoe 2018 Zoe

Other support staff include a fantastic Office Manager, Zoe Bezett, who is a lover of all things furry and cute, and is always up for a chat and chocolate.  She is the the Hall's Director of First Impressions as is likely to be the one answering the phone or greeting you with a smile when you first come.

Chris Hoare 2018 

General Maintenance and Shuttle Driver, Chris Hoare ensures residents make it to university on time and home at the end of the day.  He can also be found mowing the lawns, trimming tress, changing lightbulbs or unblocking drains.  

Our wonderful treasurer Dianne Stevenson balances the books and ensures payments are made and received. Dianne is not a regular in the office but happy to meet with anyone when she is.

Helen Lowry is also governed by a wonderful supportive Board who are all volunteers and have a keen interest in the development and growth of residents while they reside at the Hall.


RAs Chant Off 2018 

2018 RA's

The Residential Assistants (RA's) are senior students who share responsibility for residents' welfare. They are part of the residential community and work alongside students to encourage study, develop support programmes and organise sporting, cultural and social activities. They are recruited on the basis of their skills and interests which enable them to advise residents and enforce policies while keeping in touch with residents' needs. Helen Lowry Hall RA's are recruited from within the Hall community.

HLH 2017

HLH 2017


The Hall is situated in Karori just 4.5km from the Kelburn university campus (about a 45 minute walk, or 10 minute shuttle/bus ride).  The Hall is surrounded by extensive gardens which is unique to student accomodation in Wellington.  Grab a book and a bean bag and chill out under the trees or head for a walk up Wrights Hill, through Zealandia Sanctuary or bike ride up Makara Peak.

There are great services in Karori that is an easy 5 minute walk form the hall, such as supermarkets, pharmacy, plenty of takeaway choices, medical and dental centers, post office, library to name a few.  There are plenty of opportunities for residents to be part of the Karori community.  We are often called up by people around Karori looking for babysitters or after school care help, gardeners, cleaners, dog walkers and animal feeders as well as many of our residents secure work with the local businesses while living at the hall.

Check out this video of the ride out (the beginning is a little different as the McLaurin Carpark no longer exists).