About Us

We're a "home away from home" for students studying at Victoria University of Wellington. The hall is a very supportive and friendly place, with academic success as the main focus. With this in mind, it offers quiet places for study, great facilities for great living and lots of enjoyable social activities.

Our mission? To provide quality accommodation in a safe and supportive community and facilitate learning and academic success!

There are currently 118 Residents living at the hall in a mixture of single and shared rooms. Most of our residents are first year students, and about 20% of the total number of residents are international students. Returning and mature students are welcome too, making up 20% of our residents.

We also have 6 residents living at a flat on Campbell Street in self-catered.

HLH is a great environment for making friends with a diverse group. It's a friendly, relaxed place where students can work to achieve their academic goals.


The Heads of Hall have primary responsibility for the welfare of the residents and for maintaining an environment that is conducive to successful study. They organise the hall, and oversee the discipline that ensures the hall is meeting its obligations to residents.

The Residential Assistants are senior students who share responsibility for residents' welfare. They are part of the residential community and work alongside students to encourage study, develop support programmes and organise sporting, cultural and social activities. They are recruited on the basis of their skills and interests which enable them to advise residents and enforce policies while keeping in touch with residents' needs.


The hall is situated in Karori near Zelandia and Wrights Hill walks, just 4.5km from the Kelburn university campus (about a 45 minute walk, or 10 minute shuttle/bus ride.


Check out this video of the ride out (the beginning is a little different as the McLaurin Carpark no longer exists).